Team workplaces

The team meeting solution Team Workspaces allows you to work efficiently with several different people located in several different locations.

2.99 Eur/month.
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Audio and video conferences

A Team Workspaces audio/video conference can have up to 9 individual participants, but those participants can be from anywhere: they don't have to be part of your organization. Each user has full control over their audio and video stream, which means they can turn off their audio or video, for example, if someone enters the office, etc. Participants can be prioritized so that their screens are more visible to others, or not, such as when a presenter finishes their presentation.

Built on the latest WebRTC framework, Team Workspaces offer the ability to dynamically change for the most efficient use of bandwidth and the highest audio and video quality.



Meeting organizers have full control over any team workspace they create: they can allow or restrict access to guests (i.e. participants outside the organizer's domain), set permissions on who can upload files to the workspace, set default video and audio quality settings, password protect their meetings and more. Organizers can also manage attendee lists by removing specific attendees from the workspace, removing them from a video chat, or prioritizing an attendee to focus others' attention in the meeting.

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File sharing

The ability to share files during a Workspace meeting can be controlled by the Workspace organizer. This means you can control who can and cannot upload files during a meeting. However, any participant can download the files if needed.

Additionally, Team Workspace files are available from SmarterMail's built-in file storage area, making it easy to upload and download files long after the meeting.

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Screen sharing

Team Workspace users and organizers can share their entire screens, specific apps, or even individual browser tabs with others. From training sessions to document collaboration, screen sharing expands your Team Workspace, makes groups more useful and productive, and improves people's ability to communicate and work together.

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Less need for third-party services

Team Workspaces can be created and used once, or the same workspace can be used multiple times or as a permanent meeting space. However, all chat history and file uploads are stored on the server for later use or for compliance purposes. However you use them, Team Workspace is the ideal place to communicate and can replace services like #Slack or Microsoft Teams at no extra cost!