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What is Private GPU Cloud for Enterprises?

The shift to a remote workforce and a connected world requires companies to expand their IT infrastructure, but must maintain minimal cybersecurity risks with low costs and high performance. Companies prefer VDI or cloud-based solutions to optimize their workplace needs and maintenance procedures. However, using all the recommended add-ons and subscriptions to ensure adequate performance and security makes such solutions expensive and resource-intensive.

The private GPU cloud is an alternative model for today's enterprises that want to deploy a more flexible and cost-effective infrastructure without compromising performance. Unlike VDI and public cloud, you will have a reliable cloud infrastructure with a managed and shared platform that can provide multiple digital services to power users.

MDP CLOUD can guarantee performance and reduce hardware investment compared to VDI and optimize them for specific business applications, from high-end cloud desktops and remote access to virtual collaboration and artificial intelligence (AI) workload acceleration. By leveraging the most advanced cloud technologies, you can ensure end-user productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

How Private GPU Cloud Enables a New Way of Working?

MDPCLOUD Standarization Processes

Cloud workstations for higher productivity

State-of-the-art technology will help you create a happier and more productive workforce. Private GPU Cloud does this by leveraging the MDP CLOUD cloud workplace solution. A cloud desktop turns your current device—smartphone, tablet, or laptop—into a powerful computer. Graphics processing unit (GPU) capabilities are delivered online directly to your device to meet the most demanding application requirements. They can be quickly changed to meet organizational needs in a user-friendly administration portal, and access can be granted to internal and external stakeholders based on their role requirements.


A mobile and accessible workplace from around the world

Private GPU Cloud enables a new kind of remote work. It gives the organization flexibility and mobility within a team, subsidiary, country or continent. This does not require the purchase of VDI-type hardware or expensive upgrades, as everything is delivered directly from the private GPU cloud. Patented MDP CLOUD GPU technology is delivered directly from your data center to where and when you need it most.

With a private GPU cloud, there are no more traditional barriers to work. A project can develop, progress or be completed on time and on budget in three different countries, three time zones, subsidiaries and headquarters. All work is done safely and securely in your private cloud environment, powered by GPU Private Cloud.

Collaboration MDPCLOUD v2

A collaborative and secure environment for all stakeholders

If you need secure and continuous real-time collaboration between all stakeholders in your organization, a private GPU cloud is the perfect solution. MDP CLOUD helps you set up and manage your private cloud with greater speed and performance compared to VDI. Your cloud will include MDP CLOUD Cloud Workspaces (DaaS), a GPU-powered platform for better connectivity and greater efficiency for everyone, both in-office and remote.

With MDP CLOUD's private GPU cloud, you can quickly create a virtual co-located office that supports real-time inter-company collaboration and client-owner access to files and project information. Thanks to the project cloud and shared project server, everyone from any company can work on the same local network. Everything runs on a single network using a common data environment (CDE). Even if your external partner does not have a cloud infrastructure or VDI to work in this shared virtual space, you can safely share server access and resource costs.


Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

The use of cloud-based infrastructure can drive the need to use mobile software in workplaces to perform various tasks. This could be daily site reports, access to client or project information, employee time and approval tracking, or sharing large files from 3D models with BIM documents.

Private GPU Cloud is a great ally for a secure and mobile work environment. MDP CLOUD allows you to manage your employees' desktop environment or the platform they use to access files and applications. Project stakeholders can also work on the go using their cloud workspaces in web browsers or the gateway on all devices.

With a private cloud maintained by MDP CLOUD, you are always in control. Your company data is always safe and backed up in the cloud infrastructure. In this way, you can create a stress-free work environment, and employees can work very safely on mobile or private devices.

Construction BIM MDPCLOUD

BIM in the cloud

Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the cloud becomes a reality with a private GPU cloud. It allows your organization's cloud environment to access and manage all elements of a BIM project online from any device. With MDP CLOUD GPU cloud workstations, architects, engineers and construction professionals can collaborate in real-time on-site or off-site. With MDP CLOUD, you can separate each project and assign users to the respective software. All of this is available directly from the private GPU cloud. We support project coordination, model reconciliation and project management, making design, construction and operation processes more efficient.

Why Private GPU Cloud?

The most advanced cloud technology
The most advanced cloud technology

By having the most advanced cloud technology in your infrastructure, you can achieve more. The MDP CLOUD cloud platform is a market-proven and ready-to-use solution that supports multiple applications, including Cloud Workstations, Application Streaming, and Kubernetes for computing applications. You can reduce the amount of additional resources required to reconfigure each time a new business application is needed.

Excellent value for money
Excellent value for money

The competitive price of MDP CLOUD reduces the need for hardware investments. Unlike VDI or the public cloud, choosing MDP CLOUD does not require you to budget for all the add-ons and subscriptions that are recommended for proper performance and security. Our knowledge of cloud computing ensures that you have an optimized cloud with the right hardware and infrastructure.

Easy IT management
Easy IT management

MDP CLOUD's mission is to make the cloud a simple, clear and easy-to-use solution for end users and administrators. GPU Private Cloud has a simple admin portal. It's mission control for your organization's private GPU cloud. Here you can easily manage users and their access rights, create schemas for different roles or teams in your organization, and expand them as needed. Private GPU Cloud provides your organization with leading security features with GPU capabilities.

Advanced data security
Advanced data security

A private GPU cloud provides an organization with better security and overall control over the physical infrastructure. Internal users and trusted external partners can have access to GPU-enabled resources. A private GPU cloud provides greater security and multi-application flexibility that VDI does not offer. In addition, with multi-factor authentication, all traffic can be encrypted and secured on the MDP CLOUD platform.

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