Veeam backups

Protecting and backing up VMs is an essential part of ensuring long-term infrastructure stability.

15.99 Eur/month.

Veeam Managed Backup - a backup service solution for your VMs

Protecting and backing up VMs is an essential part of ensuring long-term infrastructure stability. That's why we offer a managed backup solution based on Veeam's backup and replication technology. It can be used for simple data recovery after enabling automatic VM backup.

Backup as a service

VM backups are fully automated and monitored by MDP CLOUD. You can restore such devices at any time.

Storage included

Your data is backed up in a dedicated free infrastructure. You can easily access your backups through the administration link.

Daily monitoring

An individual report will be sent to you each day. This report will list all backups and their respective statuses.

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Automatic, transparent and does not affect the available space

Backups of your choice are made from selected VMs using MDPcloud Veeam servers. Your infrastructure management vLAN then moves your data to storage configured in RAID. This operation is fully managed by our teams. With this additional storage, you will have more usable space in your infrastructure.

Access the 3-2-1 strategy in a few clicks

A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least three copies of your data, two of which are in the same data center but in different storage locations, and at least one copy in a data center located in another country. Backing up to the same datacenter is a great start, but backing up to a different DC is a key component of your entire backup strategy. Local backups are great if you need to access them quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of backups?

Specific business goals and priorities when it comes to backups may vary somewhat, but in general they ensure business continuity and protect valuable information from potential loss or disaster. MDPCLOUD creates a reliable technical architecture for your data backups and saves you time, freeing your employees from IT-related worries. We mostly work with VM - Veaam Managed Backup solution.

Specific data backup purposes for business:

  • Disaster recovery . Backup copies of data help to quickly resume operations in the event of equipment, system failure, disaster (e.g. server flooding, fire) or cyber attack. Downtime is also reduced.
  • Prevention . Regular backups reduce the risk of data loss due to accidental, human error or malware .
  • Protection against ransomware . Recently, businesses have been experiencing more and more attacks of this type. Backups are an effective defense against them, as encrypted data can be restored from unaffected backups without the need to pay a ransom.
  • Compliance and Legal Obligations . Many industries have strict data retention requirements. By having a strategy and policy for creating data copies, you can meet obligations and requirements.
  • Protection of important data . Backup protects intellectual property, customer data, financial records and proprietary information from unauthorized access and theft.
  • Protection of reputation . If you work with confidential data, having a solid backup strategy helps you maintain your company's reputation.

It is also necessary to talk about long-term archiving. Backup copies of data are also used as long-term archives of historical records, facilitating analysis, research, and future decision-making.

Keeping all your files in the cloud or storage is not enough for effective backup. You need to choose the optimal frequency of creating copies, ensure data encryption, availability on demand and more. MDPCLOUD takes care of that 24x7x365!

How do experts rate Veeam backup technology?

Cyber security and IT experts evaluate Veeam backup technology very positively. It is chosen by businesses of all sizes for its ease of use, user-friendly interface and flexible options.

Experts are very impressed by the fact that the system can continuously create backup copies. The fast and uninterrupted performance of copy jobs ensures minimal downtime and maximum stable business continuity even in the event of problems.

The fact that Veeam Backup can meet the requirements of even very rapid development is very relevant for a growing business. This is a very scaling friendly system. As you grow, so does the capacity of your data storage solutions.

The IT professionals themselves, who use Veeam Backup for work, emphasize that the system's ability to restore data is very high, and the results are completely independent of the state of the hardware/technical equipment. Even if internal systems fail, data that has already been saved can be restored with the highest accuracy. The friendly UI , which allows to use the functionality of the program to the maximum efficiency even for less experienced users, is highly appreciated.

This system has received many awards and recognition from industry specialists and expert communities. You can also find many professional reviews online where individual users rate Veeam Backup as the best:

  • backup and recovery software;
  • cloud backup software;
  • Disaster recovery software.
What are the backup steps?

The steps in the process may vary slightly, but usually MDPCLOUD customers back up in roughly the following order.

  1. Planning . Identify the most important data and systems that will be backed up. The backup frequency and storage policy are defined internally and together with IT consultants.
  2. Choosing a Backup Method . The MDPCLOUD team will recommend: a full, incremental or differential approach based on data volume and recovery requirements.
  3. Backup Software Configuration . We are preparing cloud storage(s). They will access and store your data.
  4. Creating copies of data . This usually happens in the background and does not interfere with the main tasks. Data is uploaded to the cloud periodically, without overloading the systems and without creating difficulties for the employees.
  5. Inspection, rotation, monitoring . Check the status of your backups regularly. We recommend implementing backup rotation to avoid version confusion. Track discrepancies to resolve them faster.

By carefully following these steps and working with the data storage and cloud solutions administration team at MDPCLOUD, companies can protect themselves from threats and feel confident about their business!