Private vGPU cloud

Ensure performance, streamline processes and reduce costs with the cloud with graphics cards.

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Private GPU cloud is a great alternative to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Combining the availability and security of VDI with the flexibility and mobility of cloud computing, MDP CLOUD lowers your hardware costs with our competitive solution and increases productivity with an optimized and unified platform for multiple business applications. The MDP CLOUD platform is a proprietary technology designed for graphics processing units (GPUs) - 1000 times faster than a CPU, supporting virtualized applications and graphics acceleration. Your organization will be able to use a private cloud that will constantly evolve according to the needs of the organization.

What does cloud GPU provide?

MDP CLOUD provides a complete package in a single vendor approach that simplifies deployment. Private GPU Cloud is distinguished by a competitive hardware offering, cloud optimization expertise and a universal GPU-enabled platform for power users.

technical equipment
technical equipment

Hardware is the foundation of your infrastructure. MDP CLOUD provides all the components you need at a competitive price, then builds a robust cloud infrastructure that meets your goals and objectives.


MDP CLOUD takes care of the hardware installation and the setup of an optimized and secure cloud environment on-site or in the data center of your choice.


The MDP CLOUD platform is installed and configured according to your business requirements. It offers application cloud workstations, cyber GPU cloud, and application streaming.


All management and maintenance of the MDP CLOUD platform is carried out by us. Your IT team will also benefit from a simple administration portal that allows you to easily manage resources and users.

Why Choose Private GPU Cloud?

MDP CLOUD helps your organization take the first step away from traditional solutions. With a private GPU cloud, you'll have the best of everything: all the benefits of traditional VDI with greater cloud agility.


For innovative companies

Private GPU Cloud is designed for businesses looking for digital transformation and a cloud that delivers performance, infrastructure flexibility and great value for money. MDP CLOUD helps create a high-computing cloud environment for a variety of business applications: real-time collaboration, high-powered work, remote office, BIM in the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) workload acceleration.

MDP CLOUD combines the security, power and performance of its proprietary GPU-driven technology in your data center to give you a competitive edge in the market.

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