VMware Cloud servers

Simplify the way you maintain your Hosted Private Cloud with VMware's virtualization platform, vSphere. We take care of automated installation, updates and optimal configuration, so you can focus on using your solution.

6.93 Eur/month.
VPS servers mobile

Virtual desktop + mdpZERO

Your Windows desktop in a secure data center. Increased data security, no maintenance, no investment - pay for what you use.

icons8 protect
Increased security
icons8 update left rotation 1
Automatic updates
icons8 settings1
Maintenance free
icons8 check document
There are no licenses
7.99 Eur/month.
remote IT helpdesk mobile v2

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 will allow your company's employees to work mobile and productively and guarantee safe work

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Popular programs (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.)
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Access to documents from anywhere
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Latest version of apps
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Highest level of data protection
6.72 Eur/month.
Microsoft 365 mobile v2

MDPCLOUD platform mobile

MDPCLOUD services

MDPCLOUD - the highest quality Cloud service provision infrastructure, created for innovative companies that seek optimal security, convenience and data management.

VMware Cloud hosting v2
Icon VPS server rentalO v2
VPS server rental
  • High reliability
  • Enterprise NVMe drives
  • AMD Epyc™ processors
  • Additional drives up to 10TB


6.93 Eur/month.
mdpZERO v3
Icon Virtual desktop + mdpZERO v3
Virtual desktop + mdpZERO
  • Encrypted login
  • Two monitors
  • Video calls
  • nVIDIA GRID 3D graphics (BIM)

59.99 Eur/month.
cPanel litespeed cloud
Icon cPanel+Litespeed hosting v3
cPanel+Litespeed hosting
  • cPanel+Litespeed
  • PHP 7.4, 8.X
  • MariaDB/MySQL
  • Unlimited and free SSLs
  • NVMe SSD drives

7.99 Eur/month.
nvidia grid cloud vdi
Icon NVIDIA vGPU hosting v3
NVIDIA vGPU hosting
  • Adapted to work with BIM
  • NVMe SSD fast drives
  • NVIDIA GRID technology
  • Optimized for remote work

99.99 Eur/month.
Microsoft 365 new
Icon Microsoft 365 v3
Microsoft 365
  • Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Availability of documents
  • Always the latest version
  • Highest level of data protection

6.12 Eur/month.
server management new
Icon Maintenance of servers v3
Maintenance of servers
  • Initial installation and configuration
  • Server monitoring
  • Prompt resolution of incidents 24/7
  • Proactive management

Bitdefender GravityZone new
Icon Bitdefender GravityZone v3
Bitdefender GravityZone
  • Exploit protection
  • Analysis and visualization of threats and anomalies
  • Continuous monitoring of processes
  • Automatic disinfection and removal

4.39 Eur/month.
Management and maintenance of IT equipment new
Icon Management and maintenance of IT equipment v3
Management and maintenance of IT equipment
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Proactive systems maintenance and monitoring
  • Daily CVE vulnerability scanning
  • Professional administration
  • Hard disk encryption

7.99 Eur/month.

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Top quality infrastructure

We understand that efficient business requires modern and reliable technologies. Therefore, MDPCLOUD is specifically designed to meet the latest security, usability and data management standards that are essential in today's business environment. Our specialists constantly monitor and improve the MDPCLOUD infrastructure to ensure smooth operation and optimal service management. They are seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and hands-on ability to solve the most complex technological problems. MDPCLOUD is more than just a service, it's a partnership dedicated to helping your business reach the highest possible level in technology. Contact us and discover how MDPCLOUD can become the key to your business success.

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