Management and maintenance of IT equipment

We will take care of the comprehensive management and maintenance of your IT equipment. You will be able to devote all your attention and time to growing your business.

IT equipment maintenance service consists of

Quick troubleshooting
Quick troubleshooting

In most cases, even 97% of all faults can be removed remotely. MDP Cloud IT equipment maintenance specialists will quickly fix the failure by connecting remotely, and if it fails remotely, they will come to your workplace.

Proactive prevention of disorders
Proactive prevention of disorders

We perform preventive checks of your IT equipment on a daily basis. In this way, you will avoid up to 35% of possible daily computer malfunctions. Our maintenance specialists will detect and fix them even before a possible malfunction occurs. MDP CLOUD systems scan devices and, in the event of a possible malfunction or prevention, automatically inform the IT administrator.

Protection against viruses

Free licensed antivirus software for every computer you use. Excellent protection against various malicious programs.

Installing updates
Installing updates

You will receive all timely updates of the operating system, applications and anti-virus software. You will know every minute that the latest viruses will be detected and the company's systems will be protected from unauthorized access.

Professional administration
Professional administration

You will save money by not having to maintain your own IT administrator. Our entire team of professionals will be ready to help you.

Services are provided in accordance with ITIL principles and ISO standards
Services are provided in accordance with ITIL principles and ISO standards

The customer service process follows ITIL principles based on international best practices. This includes registering requests, analyzing them, directing them to a competent specialist and making decisions. Ensures continuous compliance with ISO standards and procedures in the areas of information security, management and access control.

Daily CVE vulnerability scanning
Daily CVE vulnerability scanning

CVE vulnerabilities are software coding errors that hackers use to infiltrate an information system and perform illegal activities. MDP CLOUD performs daily scans of the monitored equipment and, after identifying coding errors, informs its client about this and offers solution options.

We offer IT equipment maintenance plans

We will provide maintenance services for each of your computerized workplaces. You'll have peace of mind about the security of every desktop, laptop, software and office peripheral. You will enjoy smooth work.

Plan SLA1 Plan SLA2 Plan SLA3
Proactive maintenance and monitoring of company systems
Updates to the operating system, applications and anti-virus software
Remote IT support
The longest duration of troubleshooting in working hours, hours. until 4 o'clock until 2 a.m. up to 30 min
Trouble logging directly from the user's computer
Monthly report of completed tasks in PDF format
Hard disk encryption
A customer portal where managers can see all tasks created by their company
Free audit of IT equipment and programs every 4 months.
Additional fee for IT maintenance when the fault cannot be fixed remotely (97% of faults are resolved remotely) 50 EUR/hour 50 EUR/hour 50 EUR/hour
Monthly price EUR/month. without VAT (without long-term liabilities
7.99 Eur/month.
12.99 Eur/month.
16.99 Eur/month.
Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security 4.39 EUR/month 4.39 EUR/month 4.39 EUR/month
Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Enterprise 7.39 EUR/month 7.39 EUR/month 7.39 EUR/month

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What tasks does the IT maintenance service cover?

Our specialists will maintain your computers, servers and network equipment, as well as provide advice to your employees, manage access rights, install updates and monitor system activity. We'll also help you get the hardware and software you need to keep your systems running securely and to ensure your data isn't lost. Our professional technicians and system administrators will take care of all maintenance of your IT infrastructure and provide advice on day-to-day issues. Experienced experts will help you design and implement effective IT solutions, such as updating IT infrastructure or implementing security solutions.

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Safe workplace

A secure workplace should have centralized antivirus protection, two-level authentication, equipment monitoring, disk encryption and other solutions that allow employees to work more efficiently and securely both in a team and individually remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of an IT maintenance service?

Modern technologies make the company's work much easier and faster, but only if they are properly and timely maintained. The IT domain is becoming too broad for non-IT staff to properly maintain IT equipment. It is usually difficult to simultaneously develop the company's activities and take care of the high-quality functioning of the installed technologies, and this also requires knowledge. Therefore, in order to ensure maximum customer convenience and work productivity, we take care of the maintenance and security of all company computers. Also, we will offer the most suitable solutions for your activity.

IT maintenance services provide several important benefits to a business:

IT maintenance services ensure system stability and efficiency. IT professionals monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure, perform regular maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting to ensure your systems are running optimally and without interruptions.

IT maintenance helps reduce operational disruptions and unplanned system shutdowns. MDPCloud specialists can detect potential problems at an early stage, take preventive measures and take proactive steps to avoid more serious disruptions that could have a negative impact on business operations.

Also, IT maintenance services include security aspects. Specialists ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected from cyber threats, perform system audits, encrypt data, manage access rights and apply other security measures. This helps protect your business data and prevent potential security breaches.

IT maintenance services help manage IT resources and resources more efficiently. This includes network administration, server management, software installation and updates, data backup management, and more. IT professionals help optimize the use of resources to achieve the best efficiency and productivity.

IT maintenance services can provide support and advice on IT strategy and development. Specialists can help identify business needs, offer appropriate technological solutions that contribute to business growth and efficiency, and implement IT projects and innovations.

What hardware and software does MDP CLOUD maintain?

Computer operating systems such as Windows or OSX are installed to ensure smooth and efficient operation. IT professionals are responsible for the administration, updates and proper configuration of operating systems to maintain stable and secure operations.

In addition, printer hardware and software are also important for office operations. IT maintenance services include printer management, updates and configuration. The printer hardware must be compatible with the computer's operating system and properly configured according to the manufacturer's requirements. Specialists ensure that printers work efficiently and print quality.

In addition, IT maintenance also includes applications and other office equipment that are necessary for business processes. IT professionals ensure that all software licenses are legal and up-to-date, so that the application works optimally and is compatible with other components.

When does a company need IT farm maintenance?

IT farm maintenance is important for all companies, regardless of their size or field of activity. However, there are several situations where companies especially need IT management:

As a company grows and expands, its IT infrastructure also becomes more complex and larger. IT farm maintenance helps to more effectively manage a larger number of servers, network elements, software and data volumes, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

If the company does not have enough internal IT resources, competent specialists or advanced technical equipment, IT farm maintenance services can be a great alternative. This allows you to use the knowledge and experience of specialists without large internal investments.

Cyber attacks and data theft are a constant threat to business. Maintaining an IT farm can ensure that a company is protected from various cyber threats such as viruses, phishing, data loss or death. Specialists monitor and implement appropriate security measures to ensure that data is safe.

For most business-critical companies, it is very important to ensure high availability and performance of the IT system. IT maintenance services aim to minimize system disruptions, perform regular maintenance and respond to breakdowns or accidents in order to maintain high levels of performance and minimize business disruptions.

IT farm maintenance services can be useful for companies that want to take advantage of new technological opportunities and innovations. IT specialists can provide consulting on technological strategy planning, implementation of new solutions and IT project management.

It should be noted that IT farm maintenance is not a one-time solution, but an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance and updates.

What tasks does the IT maintenance service cover?

Our specialists are ready to perform comprehensive IT maintenance services that will cover a wide range of activities to ensure the performance and security of your IT infrastructure.

Their main task will be to maintain and manage your computers, servers and network equipment. They will perform regular maintenance, configurations and upgrades to ensure that all system components are operating optimally and efficiently. In addition, our specialists will monitor system activity and future failures, allowing us to quickly react and solve problems.

We will also provide advice to your employees so that they can use the IT infrastructure efficiently and securely. This will include training on security policies, data backup and recovery procedures, and sharing policies.

Our specialists will also take care of access rights management, ensuring that your employees have the right access to the necessary resources and data, while maintaining security controls.

If you need new hardware or software, our specialists will help you choose the right solutions and help you install them. We will work to ensure that your system is compatible, works optimally and meets the needs of your business.

Our professional technicians and system administrators will be your reliable partners responsible for the entire maintenance of your IT infrastructure. They can answer your everyday questions and offer you the right solutions. You can also rely on their expertise and experience when it comes to designing and implementing effective IT solutions, such as upgrading infrastructure or implementing security solutions.

We are ready to be your IT security partners and ensure that your business IT runs smoothly and securely.

How to register referrals to MDP CLOUD IT support specialists?

Referrals are carried out through the MDP CLOUD RMM application, which is installed on all company computers after signing the contract. After completing a request through the app, our help desk will be able to see the device from which the request is sent, its condition, user and other information, which allows solving the problem much faster, as it saves time for identifying the company, location, device, user.

What is Bitdefender EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a computer and server security solution that combines continuous, real-time monitoring and collection of computer data and intelligence with detection capabilities and automated responses.

MDP CLOUD EDR detects threats in real-time, including file-based attacks, malicious software. Based on threat analytics by continuously monitoring events in the cloud, EDR prioritizes security events by creating a list of incidents for investigation and response.

What is Bitdefender XDR?

XDR is a security architecture model that aims to protect organizations from advanced online threats such as malware, hacker attacks or data leaks.

Bitdefender XDR (Extended Detection and Response) extends the security capabilities of EDR by integrating additional telemetry sources used to provide context-based security events.

The primary goal of XDR is to reduce detection and response time, allowing organizations to identify and respond to security breaches more quickly. This helps minimize the potential damage an organization may experience and protect it from high-risk security incidents.

Why do I need full disk encryption?

Full disk encryption protects your entire hard drive from unauthorized access at once. Thousands of laptops are lost or stolen every week. Without encrypting the entire drive, anyone who finds it (or steals it) can access the data on the hard drive. By simply inserting the hard drive into another computer, your data becomes accessible without any passwords.

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