Cloud servers

MDPCLOUD - transform the speed of your websites and/or applications to the next level. Cloud services are designed for innovative companies that also seek maximum security and ease of data management. Choose the Cloud hosting that meets your needs.

Cloud servers

VPS or dedicated servers in the cloud are a flexible solution for small, medium or large businesses. Depending on your business needs, MDPCLOUD can find the right solution and offer the most attractive technical conditions. Virtual servers can cope with unexpectedly increased demands and maintain optimal performance of computer systems. Feel confident that your team and your customers/partners can access the information they need. As your needs grow, we can expand the technical capabilities of the solution. This provides maximum flexibility. We offer you the opportunity to try cloud servers for system or platform hosting for up to 30 days free of charge. The needs of our customers are taken care of by the highest level, remotely accessible Intel hardware and VMware technology. Private or shared hosting will eliminate many technical challenges and simplify IT farm management, increase the productivity of several workplaces, and also improve customer relations. Using our special calculator, you can immediately see the preliminary price of a cloud server according to individual needs. Contact +370 630 949 09 or via [email protected]. and let's find solutions that work for you!

VMware Cloud hosting v2
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VMware Cloud Servers
  • High reliability
  • Enterprise NVMe drives
  • VMware vCenter Enterprise+
  • Veeam backups
103.56 Eur/month.
cPanel litespeed cloud
cPanel+Litespeed hosting
  • cPanel+Litespeed
  • PHP 7.4, 8.X
  • MariaDB/MySQL
  • Unlimited and free SSLs
  • NVMe SSD drives
7.99 Eur/month.
nvidia grid cloud vdi
NVIDIA vGPU hosting
  • Adapted to work with BIM
  • NVMe SSD fast drives
  • NVIDIA GRID technology
  • Optimized for remote work

99.99 Eur/month.

Frequently asked questions

Conventional servers are expensive hardware that requires specialized physical space, service, and maintenance. Such a financial burden is not necessarily an attractive option. In addition, not all companies and not all teams really need the capacity of a full server. As a result, cloud servers appear, which can share resources for several users or become a separate, dedicated server for users with greater needs.

Compared to physical servers, a cloud server solution is much more adaptable to growing needs. As a company grows, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to scaling , which raises a number of puzzles. Cloud servers are characterized by unparalleled scaling capabilities, so companies can easily increase or decrease the resources they use in real time, according to current needs. This flexibility is especially useful for companies with workloads that fluctuate on an hourly, weekly or seasonal basis. It is also necessary for those companies whose needs, as we mentioned, are growing rapidly. It is important to highlight other advantages of the service:

    • Economical . Cloud servers do not require large initial investments in hardware. There is usually a much lower monthly fee. It helps companies optimize IT spending.

    • Reliability and availability . MDPCLOUD has a reliable technical infrastructure operating on several continents. We also store backup copies of data, so downtime is reduced to a minimum, and minimal downtime even in the event of a disaster helps to avoid larger losses. The backup itself ensures business continuity.

    • Global access options . Such servers allow companies to deploy applications and services even over a distance of thousands of kilometers, on a completely different continent.

    • Top performance . MDPCLOUD's virtual servers are equipped with the latest hardware, so the workflow will be smoother.

    • Remote access and collaboration . Cloud servers provide remote access to applications and data, allowing employees to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. This improves collaboration and productivity, especially in organizations with a remote or hybrid work model.

    • It's easier for you . Professional specialists take care of server maintenance, updates and protection. You don't have to worry about it.

    • A friendlier solution for the environment . Cloud server technology can promote sustainability because server resources can be shared among multiple users, resulting in less energy consumption.

From a technical point of view, cloud servers can even be categorized into several types. It depends on the configuration, deployment solution and service delivery model.

This category can include private/dedicated or distributed servers. MDPCLOUD offers many different solutions to suit the needs of different organizations. Let's look at the main ones.

Private vGPU cloud

A GPU or graphics processor is needed to perform complex, resource-intensive work and creative tasks with a computer. Organizations often pay to invest in a virtualized solution with vGPU access. The workplace then has access to very powerful hardware without the high cost of buying it. Instead, you pay a flexible subscription fee. It is a high performance, flexible and private cloud server service.

Even compared to VDI, such a solution can be a better investment. It creates almost ideal conditions for working with virtual collaboration, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) systems and more.

cPanel+Litespeed hosting

MDPCLOUD can offer cPanel Starter, cPanel PRO and cPanel PRO+ plans that will take care of hosting your websites in the cloud.

VMware Cloud servers

A solution suitable for even the largest workloads, which allows optimal use of IT resources and effective management of the budget allocated to them. These are high-performance technical capabilities at a very affordable price. Your resources and data will be completely isolated, placed on a high-capacity private network, and all the contents of the caches will be duplicated and backed up.

If you are interested in using virtual cloud servers , contact our team now. Together with specialists, you will discuss the installation and commissioning options for your business.

Choosing MDPCLOUD gives you access to the best possible technical solutions at very attractive terms. You will be able to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Almost all startup work can be done remotely, so you only need to use the advantages provided by the servers, and we will take care of all the technical part and maintenance of the farm.

Cloud solutions remain flexible and can adapt to your changing needs at any time. Data is protected, duplicated and always available, which can increase the productivity of various processes and team results.