Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In your company, you probably use work mobile phones assigned to employees. You must provide employees with the ability to securely connect to internal company systems remotely. As remote work becomes more popular and the number of smart enterprise devices increases, having a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution will be relevant for you. This is the only way to ensure compliance with security rules when employees connect to the network using mobile devices.

How does a mobile device management solution work?

The mobile device management solution is based on Microsoft Intune. It will allow you to implement rules on mobile devices. Applying the rules will ensure the security of the company's internal data. Also, you will be able to limit the use of unwanted apps during work, see the accounting of the company's devices. In case of device loss, you can quickly remove important data from it remotely.

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What are the threats to a company that does not use mobile device management?

If your company does not use an MDM solution, hackers and cybercriminals can more easily harm your company. MDM services help close various gaps and improve data protection, boost productivity and improve business preparedness to counter cyber threats.

If mobile device management is not used, all devices that can connect to the systems become the target of a potential attack. An accidentally lost or temporarily lost device can immediately expose all sensitive data and provide access to sensitive information.

Devices used without MDM are more and more vulnerable to malware and phishing attacks. The initiators of these attacks can damage a company's hardware, leak or steal critical information, and disrupt business operations by causing downtime. It damages your finances, customer trust, and reputation. Effective management of mobile devices greatly reduces phishing (as well as its variants - smishing, vishing and other threats).

It is also very important to mention that, in many cases, without MDM services, companies themselves cannot ensure compliance with requirements and regulations. Devices with outdated operating systems or software, weak passwords, or disabled security settings also become easy prey for hackers. Mobile device management offered by MDPCLOUD prevents this.

And finally, don't forget about backup and recovery options. Even if the device is lost or lost, important data can be recovered and saved!

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