Cloud desktop (DaaS)

The solution allows a user's entire desktop and data to be offloaded to the data center, enabling them to work on their desktop regardless of device or location

  • NVIDIA graphics resources
  • Better user experience
  • A safer workplace
  • Lower costs
  • MDP-2FA

What is Cloud Workplace?

Cloud Desktop is a technical solution that ensures the highest performance in work tasks even at a distance. This tool offered by MDPCLOUD allows users with any device (other computer, tablet, smartphone) connected to the Internet to access a certain system or computer remotely. When employing cloud architecture, the need to invest in expensive hardware disappears.

For companies where specialists travel a lot or there is a need to work in a hybrid/remote way, a virtual desktop (Cloud Desktop ) is very useful. If you want to know more about how this solution can help your business - contact the MDPCLOUD team +370 630 949 09 or via [email protected]. We will listen to your needs and offer the necessary technical solutions!

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Cloud workplace

"Cloud workplace" is the ability to use software from a remote location. The user accesses and uses computing resources over the Internet from almost any device and anywhere. Instead of installing software and storing data locally on multiple devices, all you have to do is log in like you would with a Facebook or other account.

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Technical and creative professionals

Cloud workstations simply work at the right time and place. Thanks to the powerful NVIDIA GPU technology, they provide increased speed and processing power. With MDPCLOUD, you'll always have access to complex professional software, local files, or shared projects to get work done remotely from any device.

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For innovators and technology-minded people

Cloud Workstations help bring remote teams together to work on projects with real-time collaboration in a secure IT environment. Cloud Workstations quickly accommodate remote work or distance learning as needed. This is done without installing expensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). You can benefit from a scalable, customized solution to meet your goals and manage your budget with our pay-as-you-go model.

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For IT Managers

Cloud workspaces are ideal for IT teams in large or small businesses. MDPCLOUD works with the IT team to deploy, update and manage back-end resources to deliver a powerful and flexible solution through VDI. With MDPCLOUD technology, you will have more resources than you need to meet the performance requirements of the end user.

Cloud workplace


When you choose MDPCLOUD, you choose a comprehensive Cloud desktop solution. Powered by NVIDIA technology, it's perfect for business or education. It provides increased processing power and speed in a secure cloud environment.

More freedom, more power
More freedom, more power

GPU power allows you to work with specialized professional Cloud software. Our team of experts has tried and tested many of the applications that architects, engineers and construction professionals use every day to ensure that the applications they need also work in the Cloud.

Customized service
Customized service

MDPCLOUD is unlike the bigger players in the market. We work directly with you, your team or your IT partner to provide you with the best service and product based on your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cloud Desktop designed for?

The main goal of the Cloud Desktop solution is to centralize and simplify the management of the computerized workplace, ensuring a consistent and equivalent user experience on various devices. This allows for efficient software deployment and updates, reducing the burden on IT teams. In addition, remote desktop management can improve data security. In what way? Yes, such a system centrally stores everything and creates backup copies, significantly reducing the risk of data loss and unauthorized access.

With Cloud Desktop, users can have all the benefits of a personalized workspace. However, it is accessed and served by large cloud resources, making it a very flexible solution that can be adapted to individual usage needs. This means that technical resources can be chosen to optimize performance with exactly the capacity needed. Remote virtual desktop management also creates conditions for smooth collaboration and remote work. Thus, even geographically dispersed teams can collaborate on the same tasks, such as designs, projects, advertising, cloud notebooking , technical solutions and other actions, in real time.

In addition, Cloud Desktop improves data recovery capabilities in the event of a disaster or problem. Backup copies of your data are stored in secure cloud data centers and periodically updated. Failure of the in-house hardware or other disturbances may stop the entire operation. However, a virtual desktop does not have this problem. All its users can quickly resume work from any compatible device, reducing downtime and losses.

How to increase productivity with Cloud Desktop?

After consulting with the MDPCLOUD team, implementing a Cloud Desktop solution can significantly increase workplace productivity for your company. Using the advantages of the cloud avoids the formation of certain bottlenecks and increases the performance of different processes. Key benefits for productivity with the Cloud Desktop solution:

  • Flexibility and mobility . This solution allows users to access their desktop environment from any device with an Internet connection. Employees can work from anywhere, which increases productivity and enables prompt problem solving.
  • Centralization of management . IT administrators can centrally manage desktop environments, software updates, and security settings. This saves time and gives everyone access to the best software.
  • Collaboration and real-time access . Users can simultaneously access shared files, applications and data in real-time, speeding up decision-making processes.
  • Resource scaling . Cloud Desktop provides the ability to increase hardware capacity on demand. This ensures optimal performance during peak usage periods, avoiding disruptions and slowdowns.
  • Greater security and data backups . Cloud Desktop ensures data security, encrypts it, enables two or more factor authentication and secure access control. In addition, data is regularly backed up in secure data centers.
  • Lower costs for technical equipment . By using virtual desktop solutions, organizations can reduce costs for on-premise hardware.

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