Maintenance of web projects

We will take care of comprehensive maintenance of your web projects. You will be able to devote all your attention and time to your direct activities.

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Benefits of web project maintenance

Represent your business through a fast and flawless website. Always be available. Give your visitors the most enjoyable browsing experience.

What does it take to achieve this?

We will pass on our Linux web systems development, installation and administration experience to you. For each serviced web project, we will provide a speed improvement proposal. We will analyze user requests on the web server. We will choose the best cache strategy for you.

We will install high-availability web and database clusters for you. We will create appropriate load balancing.

We will help you integrate useful security solutions

For Linux systems | WAF | DDoS | PHP | Apache | SSL

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the parts of website maintenance?

It all starts with planning. After receiving your request for website maintenance services by phone +370 630 949 09 or via [email protected], we delve into your needs and prepare a plan for technical solutions with a commercial offer.

Then we transfer our experience and take over the maintenance of your website/web project. We take care of the technical aspects of the website, database maintenance, security, and other relevant nuances. If there are problems, we fix them and/or notify you so that we have the necessary information to fix them. Website maintenance completely eliminates the need for your team to spend resources on this work. Specialists can focus on higher value-adding tasks or strategic goals, while MDPCLOUD specialists take care of the technical details.

Periodically, we share with you reports, insights and suggestions on how you can bring even more benefits to your business from the management side of online systems. We troubleshoot and maintain websites 24x7x365.

What are the goals of website maintenance?

Website maintenance or web management services are very important to ensure optimal operation, security and functionality of the website and/or online platform. There are certainly more than one main goal and you can take a look at them in more detail.


Day-to-day website maintenance aims to maximize website performance and loading speed. By optimizing files, cache and databases, the site provides a better experience for visitors, lowers bounce rate and increases user engagement.


Cyber threats are constantly changing, so website security becomes a top priority, requiring the most attention and resources. When providing website maintenance services, specialists focus on security updates, patches , firewall configurations and more. All this is done to ensure. security of user data and sensitive information.

Error correction and troubleshooting

Over time, the websites may experience technical problems and errors. Regular website maintenance helps identify and resolve such issues quickly to avoid potential downtime and user frustration.

Creating backup copies

Website maintenance also takes care of creating backup copies. This way, even the most important information remains safe and ready to restore the site in the event of a problem.

Better SEO

Maintaining files, reducing load times, and choosing the most efficient technical solutions improves the user experience, which can also have a positive impact on your website's SEO.

Platform (engine) and software updates

Websites often use content management systems (eg Wordpress, PrestaShop...). They need to be updated regularly. Maintenance services ensure that these platforms and associated software are kept up to date. This makes use of the latest features and improvements.

Improving user experience

User experience is critical to the success of a website. Website maintenance services analyze user behavior and make the necessary changes to improve website navigation, help the page become more responsive on mobile devices. Well, it also improves the overall usability.

It is also worth noting that website maintenance by MDPCLOUD ensures that the website complies with legal or regulatory requirements. The end result is a well-maintained, stable, user-friendly website that contributes significantly to the success of your business. Maintenance of web projects is an investment in continuous business growth and success on the Internet.


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