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We will take care of the maintenance of your VPN network. You will be able to devote all your attention and time to your direct activities

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Maintain your data networks

It is very important for everyone that confidential data moves securely between the sender and the recipient. Proper maintenance of data transmission networks will preserve the privacy of information in motion. Our specialists will determine the most suitable company network topology for you. We will take care of both initial and newly installed additional equipment identification. We will enable security rules on the network. We will configure, install updates, monitor and improve. Prevent potential data leakage incidents immediately.

We maintain the devices of these and other manufacturers

HP | MikroTik | Cisco | Juniper LAN | Ruckus | Ubiquiti | Cisco | HP Aruba WiFi

You will be glad that you entrusted the maintenance of your company's data transmission networks to us. We will ensure stable operation and provide additional benefits. You can rent professional network equipment from us. In case of failure, we will provide a replacement.

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Benefits of data transmission network maintenance

Monitoring network events

Our on-call staff will spot even the smallest network error messages. Nothing will go unnoticed.

Equipment rental

You will not need any initial investment in network equipment. You will be successful in using the equipment we have provided, which you can rent.

Replacement equipment

We promise to immediately restore operation on the same working day if the equipment fails. No worries about network failure.

Network event analytics

We will capture all data transmission network anomalies that arise. We will check for errors. If necessary, we will recommend network optimization.

We will mediate with equipment manufacturers

You will not experience any problems due to malfunctions or incompatibility of equipment. We will initiate repairs, replacements and negotiate with manufacturers.

Saving and restoring the configuration

We will prepare and store your network settings configuration. In the event of malfunctions, we will immediately restore high-quality network operation according to established rules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your business uses a VPN network, it should be very important for you to know the basic aspects related to its security. Such knowledge will help protect privacy, important data, and even in the event of problems or cyber attacks, it can help preserve secure communication channels between company employees.

To ensure the highest level of security, you must prepare an action plan and implement it. Encourage all members to use strong passwords and two-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) to prevent unauthorized access to the VPN network. Enabling MFA requires users to verify their identity before gaining access, in addition to entering a password, but also a unique code sent to the mobile device. MDPCLOUD can handle MFA installation and management for your company's devices.

Encryption is also very important for maintaining a VPN network. Familiarize yourself with the most reliable data encryption protocols, such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), to encrypt data transmitted over a VPN. This ensures that even in the unlikely event that data is intercepted, it remains undecipherable.

Your IT staff should keep VPN software and hardware up to date. By installing the latest security patches and updates, we eliminate weak points that hackers and malware can target.

Dedicated intrusion detection and prevention systems will continuously monitor and report unauthorized login attempts and suspicious activity on the VPN network. However, this is also the responsibility of the network administrator. It must also take care of segmenting the network and restricting user access only as needed. Segmentation involves separating different platforms, systems and/or blocks of sensitive data from other parts of the network. In this case, even in the event of a hack or breach, the most important data can be protected. Well, for employees (users), administrators must provide access only to those resources and services that they need to perform specific functions.

The administrator must also conduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities or problems before they become critical.

However, this requires a very competent VPN network administrator. Finding and hiring him can be a very complicated and expensive process. One of the best solutions for business in this area is to use MDPCLOUD VPN network maintenance services. These services provide access to professionals with the highest expertise and the best hardware and software, who have experience in VPN network security management and monitoring. Our services can help you configure firewalls, implement security policies, and perform periodic security assessments to prevent threats.

Security, comfort and stable operation of systems are the main focuses of VPN network maintenance .

As cyber threats continue to proliferate and malware attack strategies are constantly changing, companies and cybersecurity experts recognize the need for comprehensive oversight and proactive management of a VPN handling sensitive data. Virtual private network maintenance ensures constant monitoring and operational support in case of a problem. This ensures the VPN runs as smoothly as possible, even in the event of a problem.

The main goal of VPN maintenance is to provide companies with the dedicated attention of qualified professionals who specialize in VPN technology and security and all the necessary technical solutions for using such a network.

MDPCLOUD experts are ready to design, implement and maintain a reliable VPN architecture tailored to the specific needs of the organization. Using their knowledge, companies can create a secure and efficient communication tunnel that:

  • Enables secure remote access;
  • Connects different offices or teams;
  • Protects confidential data.

With VPN network monitoring , companies can trust that MDPCLOUD specialists are constantly monitoring and detecting even the smallest threats. The technical parts of your infrastructure are monitored in real-time for any signs of unusual activity or security breaches. Once a potential threat is identified, the maintenance team can react immediately and reduce the risk.

Like every service, VPN network maintenance can be subscribed from MDPCLOUD for a monthly subscription fee. The cost of VPN network maintenance can be affected by various technical factors. In order for the service to be of high quality and useful, we evaluate the needs of customers and provide the most optimal offer.

The number of users and the network architecture have a great influence on the price of the maintenance service. The number of VPN users has a significant impact on the complexity and requirements of the maintenance itself. A larger number of users may require additional resources and monitoring to cover potential hazards and manage a much larger data flow. Well, the architectural complexity of the network also plays an important role. If the network is very complex and multi-layered, with different levels of user access and integrated third-party applications, plug-ins or other add-ons, the customer may require significantly more detailed maintenance. This affects the cost of maintaining the VPN network.

The price may also depend on the level of security required by the VPN. Implementing and maintaining advanced security measures such as encryption protocols, intrusion detection systems, and threat monitoring requires more resources.

The amount of data transmitted via VPN and the bandwidth required for it also have an influence. Heavy traffic may require load balancing and traffic optimization solutions.

If a company operates in a highly regulated business area with specific compliance requirements, compliance with these standards may also require additional resources and expertise. We also have to take into account individual agreements and the geographical distribution of the company's resources.

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