Why MDP Cloud?

Why MDP Cloud?

We're here to help you work faster and smarter and stay ahead of what tomorrow holds. In order to successfully accomplish this, we get to know your business challenges together. We then invent and deploy scalable technology solutions to solve the challenges you face now and face tomorrow – with continuous management and optimization so you can more easily focus on creating new revenue streams, increasing efficiency and creating incredible customer experiences.

We deliver flexible technologies and deployment models

Instead of looking at the cloud as a standard comparison of public and private clouds, we look at the technology. We support four major technology stacks - AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, Google Cloud Platform™ and VMware® - and through this framework, we help you get the technology stack that best suits your needs and is right for your business.

We work with you to understand your needs and flexibly distribute your workload in the cloud. We then help you align applications, data and security between all points.

Our partnership will help you navigate the future of technology

We maintain deep and strategic partnerships with the best technology vendors in the world. These partnerships are multifaceted, from executive coordination to marketing, sales, solutions and delivery. This creates a valuable feedback loop as we provide timely insights from our customers and technologists, and our partners provide us with the best the technology has to offer.

From consulting to optimization, we'll be with you every step of the way

With MDP CLOUD as a partner, you get access to professionally managed services to help you navigate the changes that are taking place. Our knowledge of the world's leading technologies - cloud, application, data and security - allows you to grow your business, increase efficiency and secure the future.