VMware cloud servers

Do you want to grow your business safely and stably? Do you aim to use IT resources optimally, and if necessary, increase or decrease them?

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vmware hosting

VMware Cloud servers

The virtual server service provides an opportunity to flexibly manage resources located in data centers certified by the Tier III standard. This product has been developed following the best practices of software manufacturer VmWare Cloud, providing a holistic, secure, efficient and reliable solution.

Your VMware virtualization platform in the cloud

Need more resources to grow your business? Need to process sensitive data that requires strict security, confidentiality and specialized infrastructure?

The best of VMware technology
The best of VMware technology

Hosted Private Cloud is built on the same platform you currently use for your on-premises infrastructures, including vSphere, vCenter, NSX, and vROps. Take full advantage of familiar services built on VMware Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC).

Dedicated hardware infrastructure
Dedicated hardware infrastructure

With a global infrastructure spanning four continents, get high-performance dedicated resources at a great price. As your needs change, you can easily add and remove compute capacity and storage without compromising performance.

Safe isolation
Safe isolation

Because your servers are dedicated to your workload, you can create a highly available infrastructure across multiple host clusters. They can replicate your data across data centers using a high capacity private network, isolation rules and strict redundancy.

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MDP CLOUD is managed by a private, specialized platform

Our Hosted Private Cloud solution is designed, developed and industrialized with the strictest security requirements. It guarantees the highest level of data protection and resiliency when moving to the cloud. You can host your most important IT systems in it.

Your specialized private cloud
Your specialized private cloud

Hosted Private Cloud guarantees an environment with dedicated resources. None of the hypervisors or repositories are shared with other clients. Isolation is maximized to ensure complete data processing security. All the mechanisms that guarantee this isolation are implemented and maintained by our expert teams, ensuring transparency for your operations teams. This means your architects and security experts can focus on securing the virtual machines and applications hosted on your private infrastructure.

The infrastructure is constantly maintained
The infrastructure is constantly maintained

All automated systems ensure that infrastructure administration and growth are managed to the highest security standards. They are evaluated and improved throughout the year by our internal audit teams, as well as external audit teams requested by our clients. We take a continuous improvement approach to ensure security tailored to combat the latest threats.


Top level infrastructure
Top level infrastructure

2 data centers are used and 99.95% guaranteed. availability of services - assured and stable work of your business

Data security
Data security

Data security is guaranteed by international standard data isolation, backup copies, encrypted information and secure remote access.


MDPCLOUD has been providing services to its customers for more than 12 years. During that period, invaluable experience was gained in the implementation and maintenance of extremely complex systems.


VMware, cloud servers, security, database and VPN specialists ensure stable operation of all systems.

Frequently asked questions

How can IT operations be simplified with VMware Cloud servers?

VMware Cloud servers will reduce the need for investments in hardware and provide freedom to allocate resources elsewhere. In addition, since VMware vCenter Enterprise PLUS 8 is the most scalable virtualization platform, for companies that have to take care of a large load of virtual machines, it can be a solution that satisfies almost all needs. As soon as necessary, new resources can be quickly and efficiently connected and put to work, since everything is virtualized - in the cloud.

The VMware solution also adds advantages: snapshots and backups. These solutions raise data protection standards and increase the ability to restore normal processes after a disaster or hack.

Either way, VMware's solution simplifies complex, resource-intensive IT operations in businesses.

How to increase enterprise infrastructure by leveraging the flexibility of VMware Cloud servers?

By taking advantage of the technical flexibility offered by VMware Cloud servers, your company can efficiently grow its infrastructure and adapt to changing needs.

With the ability to quickly deploy virtual machines, you can easily adapt to even unexpected growth in demand and traffic spikes.

In addition, VMware workstation uses hardware resources very optimally. This ensures cost-effective systems performance in almost any conditions. The ability to automate tasks and use templates for standardized configurations further simplifies many processes.

Why are Cloud servers needed?

Conventional servers are expensive hardware that requires specialized physical space, service, and maintenance. Such a financial burden is not necessarily an attractive option. In addition, not all companies and not all teams really need the capacity of a full server. As a result, cloud servers appear, which can share resources for several users or become a separate, dedicated server for users with greater needs.

Compared to physical servers, a cloud server solution is much more adaptable to growing needs. As a company grows, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to scaling , which raises a number of puzzles. Cloud servers are characterized by unparalleled scaling capabilities, so companies can easily increase or decrease the resources they use in real time, according to current needs. This flexibility is especially useful for companies with workloads that fluctuate on an hourly, weekly or seasonal basis. It is also necessary for those companies whose needs, as we mentioned, are growing rapidly. It is important to highlight other advantages of the service:

    • Economical . Cloud servers do not require large initial investments in hardware. There is usually a much lower monthly fee. It helps companies optimize IT spending.

    • Reliability and availability . MDPCLOUD has a reliable technical infrastructure operating on several continents. We also store backup copies of data, so downtime is reduced to a minimum, and minimal downtime even in the event of a disaster helps to avoid larger losses. The backup itself ensures business continuity.

    • Global access capabilities . Such servers allow companies to deploy applications and services even over a distance of thousands of kilometers, on a completely different continent.

    • Top performance . MDPCLOUD's virtual servers are equipped with the latest hardware, so the workflow will be smoother.

    • Remote access and collaboration . Cloud servers provide remote access to applications and data, allowing employees to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. This improves collaboration and productivity, especially in organizations with a remote or hybrid work model.

    • It's easier for you . Professional specialists take care of server maintenance, updates and protection. You don't have to worry about it.

    • A friendlier solution for the environment . Cloud server technology can promote sustainability because server resources can be shared among multiple users, resulting in less energy consumption.

What are the types of Cloud servers? MDPCLOUD solutions

From a technical point of view, cloud servers can even be categorized into several types. It depends on the configuration, deployment solution and service delivery model.

This category can include private/dedicated or shared servers. MDPCLOUD offers many different solutions to suit the needs of different organizations. Let's look at the main ones.

Private vGPU cloud

A GPU or graphics processor is needed to perform complex, resource-intensive work and creative tasks with a computer. Organizations often pay to invest in a virtualized solution with vGPU access. The workplace then has access to very powerful hardware without the high cost of buying it. Instead, you pay a flexible subscription fee. It is a high performance, flexible and private cloud server service.

Even compared to VDI, such a solution can be a better investment. It creates almost ideal conditions for working with virtual collaboration, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) systems and more.

cPanel+Litespeed hosting

MDPCLOUD can offer cPanel Starter, cPanel PRO and cPanel PRO+ plans that will take care of hosting your websites in the cloud.

VMware Cloud servers

A solution suitable for even the largest workloads, which allows optimal use of IT resources and effective management of the budget allocated to them. These are high-performance technical capabilities at a very affordable price. Your resources and data will be completely isolated, placed on a high-capacity private network, and all the contents of the caches will be duplicated and backed up.

How to use Cloud servers?

If you are interested in using virtual cloud servers , contact our team now. Together with specialists, you will discuss the installation and commissioning options for your business.

Choosing MDPCLOUD gives you access to the best possible technical solutions at very attractive terms. You will be able to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Almost all startup work can be done remotely, so you only need to use the advantages provided by the servers, and we will take care of all the technical part and maintenance of the farm.

Cloud solutions remain flexible and can adapt to your changing needs at any time. Data is protected, duplicated and always available, which can increase the productivity of various processes and team results.

Why does my company need VMware cloud infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure allows you to get a fault-tolerant platform without buying expensive hardware and without the need to maintain, repair, update it - these tasks are taken care of by the service provider.

With cloud infrastructure, you can host websites, run CRM systems, create dedicated test environments, manage remote desktops, and much more.

What is VMware cloud server?

Cloud Server is a cloud-based service that allows you to use MDP CLOUD resources. The productive physical DELL equipment in the data center is "virtualized" and the user gets the resources he needs to perform his tasks.

The user can select and change all server parameters - the number of processors, the amount of RAM, disk capacity, their type, GPU boards, etc. Changing the settings is done in the control panel, and does not need to stop the server. So you can reduce or increase the resources used on your VMware server at any time.

What is the difference between cloud computing and dedicated servers?

The main difference between cloud server hosting and VPS hosting is resource allocation. A cloud server is created using high reliability VMware virtualization software to divide a physical server into different virtual servers. The intuitive MDP CLOUD platform allows customers to manage cloud resources, create new virtual servers themselves, change their configurations, choose the desired OS from the provided list or install any ISO, manage data backups and even create their own virtual data center.

What operating systems can I choose?

MDP CLOUD offers cloud servers with Linux or Windows operating systems. If you choose Linux, you can choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Slackware and other OSes. For Windows servers, we offer Windows Server 2019, 2022, and more.

Can I change cloud server resources and operating system?

When ordering a VMware cloud server in the customer portal, you select the required amount of cloud resources. You can increase resources at any time and create as many virtual machines as you want. You can also choose an OS for your virtual servers - choose from the list we offer or install your own.

Can Microsoft software be used in the VMware cloud?

MDP CLOUD is a Microsoft SPLA ( Services Provider License Agreement ) partner. Yes, we can attach additional MS Office, SQL and Terminal Service licenses or other licenses.

How can I migrate my infrastructure to MDP CLOUD VMware cloud?

Convert VMware virtual servers to OVA/OVF files and query MDP CLOUD. Technical support specialists will install all required systems on MDP CLOUD and perform the migration with minimal downtime.

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