Cloud desktop (DaaS) + mdpZERO

This is your desktop in the data center, and computer maintenance is not required


What is mdpZERO?

mdpZERO is a mini device for connecting to remote virtual workplaces (DaaS) located in MDP CLOUD data centers. mdpZERO allows you to connect to the mdp cloud (the system is only designed to enter and display information from the server or cloud), you can use files and programs on the server or in the cloud as if they were on your computer. Only internet is required, 3-4 Mb/s per workstation.

Very convenient to use

No need to worry about security

Data between mdpZERO and your desktop is encrypted. Even the engineers who service the servers in the data center cannot read them.

Maintenance free

The mdpZERO operating system is maintenance-free, eliminating the need for internal IT maintenance within the company.

Uses very little energy

mdpZERO uses up to 90% less electricity than a standard desktop computer.

No need to upgrade

mdpZEROs do not need to be updated, they update automatically when an update is released.

mdpZERO work place

Cloud dekstop + mdpZERO is significantly more efficient work

After installing the Cloud desktop + mdpZERO solution, you will be able to connect to the server or cloud using your unique credentials.

After connecting to the Windows desktop, you will be able to use all the programs and resources assigned to you. This can be a Microsoft Office suite, accounting programs, databases, design or project management programs, etc

You will have your own personal desktop (desktop) that you can configure according to your wish - just like you do now in your Windows environment on your computer.

Also, the mydatapage command can transfer all desktops and data from all currently used computers to the server.

Cloud desktop + mdpZERO advantages:

Variable costs

The company turns fixed costs into variable costs - it is possible to refuse part of the services at any time due to a decrease in turnover or completely refuse them, thus avoiding the loss of investment. Freed funds can be used directly to increase turnover;


There is no need to update personal computers often - the resources needed for work can be increased or decreased promptly as needed in a few minutes;

Standardized workplace

Users use only the company's standard software - it is easier to manage the entire IT farm;


Data is stored centrally in a data center that meets all technical requirements;


It is easier to ensure backups - it is done centrally, no data remains uncopied;

Significantly simpler management

It is easier and simpler to manage users - connect, disconnect from the network, grant certain rights;


The company's information is better protected from leakage - it is possible to control who copied what;


The ability to work from anywhere, if such rights are granted - the user always sees his desktop when logged in, regardless of the device.

Maintenance free

mdpZERO requires absolutely no maintenance, because all your applications are only in the data center.

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