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MDPcloud Features

MDPcloud offers a complete cloud storage solution designed especially for personal usage but suitable also for companies. You or your company will be able to back up information on all computers and grant employees access to backed-up files from anywhere in the world, easily share them with clients or partners and simultaneously work with the same documents.

MDPcloud provides you with the possibility to control your information file sharing, monitor activity in the system and allocate individual permissions for certain users.

MDPcloud provides reliable data security

We use best practices available in the industry to keep your data safe and secure. Your documents are securely transferred using Transport Layer Security (TLS), encrypted with 256-bit AES the same level of protection that is used in e-commerce and online banking transactions.

Securely upload and download files

Completely secure file uploading and downloading. Security is ensured with TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption when files are sent over the Internet. What it means is that communication between your computer and our cloud servers takes place as a handshake process. Every piece of information, whether uploaded or downloaded, is verified if communication was accomplished in secure way. Safety is guaranteed every time you access files from a computer or a mobile device.

Safe file sharing

You will be able to share safe, password-protected folders with colleagues or clients. You can apply several options when sharing folders, for example, either allow or prohibit changes. It is also possible to set a password for all folders containing confidential or sensitive information, so it becomes inaccessible for other irrelevant parties.



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