Backup, Share And Access From Any Place

MDPcloud FullPack service offers Backup and Sync service as a bundle. You can backup, synchronize and access your files from any place in the world. We can offer 5TB online storage space and additional features only available in FullPack!

The power of MDPcloud

If you choose FullPack, you will be able to keep all your files secure, synchronize them between computers and other devices which have internet connectivity. Access your data from any place in the world, share them with colleagues, family and friends.

Keep your documents safe

Whenever you use your computer, backup runs in the background and protects your files. No specific technical knowledge is necessary for that. Backup can protect any number of files you have. And they can be restored any time.

The same files on all computers

FullPack is shown as a separate drive on your computer. You can use it as an ordinary drive to drag and drop files and open them, but they are also shared among all your computers, so the content is accessible from anywhere.

Set your files free

It is possible to view and edit files located in the cloud from any web browser and access them on your mobile device. You can even watch movies and listen to music on the go! MDPcloud allows you to access all files anytime and anywhere.

One click sharing

Do you need to share a large file with your colleagues, friends or family? No problem! MDPcloud allows you to share files with just one click. You can either make your files public or share them with only several people. In that case they will receive an email with username and password to access the files.

Advanced users get more

MDPcloud FullPack offers you exceptional features that are not included elsewhere. Advanced users can access their documents via SFTP or FTP and make downloads and uploads automatic. Users will also receive WebDAV access to their files. This will allow them to view or edit them with other applications, for example, Pages, Numbers and Keynote on iPad.

Extremely fast performance

MDPcloud uses software and systems that are incredibly fast and extremely efficient. There are no limitations to your download or upload speeds. And our software is completely optimized. So users won't even notice it's there.

Backs you up with world-class support team

When you lose your files, you want fast, responsive help. Our English speaking support team can be contacted by phone, email or chat 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight CET.


Allow us to help you to help your business!

Call us on +46 8034 5623 or get in touch via email.
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