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MDPcloud Features

MDPcloud offers a complete cloud storage solution designed especially for personal usage but suitable also for companies. You or your company will be able to back up information on all computers and grant employees access to backed-up files from anywhere in the world, easily share them with clients or partners and simultaneously work with the same documents.

MDPcloud provides you with the possibility to control your information file sharing, monitor activity in the system and allocate individual permissions for certain users.

Shared network drive

File sharing between Windows OS powered computers is not a simple process. It requires special knowledge to set up and it is time consuming. File sharing between Windows and Mac OS computers is even more difficult. But you don't have to worry - MDPcloud will make this process easy and even add some wonderful features.

Make your files accessible

With MDPcloud SyncPack you can make your files accessible to all users. Use access control feature to designate access permissions to individual files. We also offer some incredible collaboration features, for instance, possibility to comment, so work group would be much easier, or version control. There are also advanced features, for example, caching, which allow users to choose which documents can be accessed offline.

More than FTP server

With MDPcloud along with full FTP functionality we offer many exceptional additional features. These include full file accessibility via SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV. You will be able to set up access both for internal and external users.

For file sharing

How do you share documents with partners or clients? Email them or upload to FTP? Is it enough? Choose MDPcloud and you will get a personal dedicated portal which can be fully customized with your logo and information. You will be able to share documents on MDPcloud easily either privately or publicly. The recipients then can download the uploaded files via a web browser or FTP.

For backup

MDPcloud will conveniently back up all your files and documents. All you have to do is install MDPcloud's software on your computers. The program will then run in the background and back up your files online. There is also a possibility to back up network drives and shared documents. You can easily view backed-up files online and retrieve them anytime by using our restore software or simply by downloading them. We will also grant you access to online storage space via FTP, so it will be convenient to back up even servers and applications to your storage space.

For mobile access

MDPcloud has applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Your staff will surely appreciate the possibility to access their documents from anywhere. They will easily access office files, demonstrate presentations and even stream audio and video files. This will not only increase your employee productivity, but also impress your clients and partners.

For group work

Group work is highly important in all companies. We offer a solution that fits companies of various sizes and does not require users to learn how to use new software. you can easily create Team Folders and control their accessibility. Your employees will be able to work simultaneously on the same file. MDPcloud will synchronize their actions for fluent collaboration. Try it out - you will really like it!



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