Safe And Simple Online Backup

MDPcloud Backup service backs up all your important files and stores them in our secure data center. It is unbelievably simple to implement, easy to install and 100% secure. You can back up everything you have on your computer.

Protect your data

Anytime you use your computer small program runs in the background and keeps your files up-to-date. Backup will protect all the files you have. It is very easy to retrieve the backed-up files any time you need them. No specific technical knowledge required to use this software.

Access your files wherever you are

Backed-up files can be accessed from any place in the world and via any device or browser. You will be able to view your files and even listen to music or watch videos anywhere you go.

Absolute peace of mind

Backup will ensure safety and security of your files. MDPcloud always stores several copies of all documents and protects them with military-grade encryption. Our support team will be ready to help you any time!

Unlimited versioning

MDPcloud will store each and every version of all files and documents you backed up. This protects you from losing your files permanently. MDPcloud protects all your data!

No hardware needed

MDPcloud offers only software-based backup, which means that you won't have to install or maintain any hardware, you will avoid hassle with disks or tapes and you will never need a specialized technician. Just install the backup software and MDPcloud will take care of the rest.

Much safer than local backups

Backed up files are constantly encrypted and stored on redundant disk arrays. They are much more secure and reliable than external or internal hard drives. If you do have an external hard drive and/or NAS devices, you can also back them up. Your important files are kept safe from theft, fire, water damage and other accidents in our modern guarded data centers.

Quickly restore files

In case you lose an important file, you can restore it quickly and easily. If the hard drive of your computer crashes, MDPcloud will help you restore all backed up data. Backed up files can also be shipped to you on a portable hard drive.

World-class support

After losing important files you want fast and responsive help. Our English speaking support team can be contacted by phone, email or chat 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight CET.


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