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Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of pre-sales frequently asked questions (FAQs) provides brief answers to many common questions about the MDPcloud platform, back-up and syncronization. It also provides links to more detailed information available from this web site. Please check here for answers before posting a question to one of the MDPcloud newsgroups or before sending email to helpdesk.

After you have read thought all of the FAQs, if you are still in need of support, feel free to get in touch with us. Use the following link to the contact page and fill out the form. We will reply within 24 hours.
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Our staff already uses external hard drives to store back up files. Why should we choose MDPcloud?

If you choose MDPcloud, we guarantee more complete and safer backups and you won't even have to bother about it. Look at what we offer.

MDPcloud is entirely automatic. Once set up, it works independently and backs up files and documents at any time, when your computers have connection to the Internet. There is no need for you to remember to back up your files, because MDPcloud is there to remember it for you. Your company won't have to waste time backing up important data.

MDPcloud offers safe file storage off-site. This means that all backed-up files will be protected from natural disasters, accidents, fire, theft and any other possible incidents in your office or even at home.

MDPcloud is much more reliable than any external hard drive. MDPcloud stores backed-up data on a redundant disk array (RAID). It is considerably more reliable than computer's internal hard drive or any external hard drive. We suggest including external hard drives into your MDPcloud data backup that way, files on them will be safer.

MDPcloud backup works anywhere. As long as your employees have connection to the Internet, MDPcloud backs up their data. MDPcloud takes care of backup wherever they are: at home, in the office or on the road.

With MDPcloud it is easy to monitor employees' backed-up files. A convenient dashboard allows you to keep an eye on all backups from various computers; besides, you will be able to monitor company's backup storage levels.

What files does MDPcloud back up?

MDPcloud backs up all the common files that might be used in small or medium companies. Included, but, of course, not limited to: documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, point-of-sale (POS) files, pictures and graphics, videos, financial/accounting files (.QBB, .PTB), customer relationship management files, etc.

However, MDPcloud does NOT back up:

Application program files (the files that are installed when installing such programs as Microsoft Word, Quicken, etc.);

Temporary files (files created by programs in use);

System files (part of Windows or Mac OS operating systems);

If you have questions regarding a particular type of file, please contact your sales team.

Is it possible for MDPcloud to back up my external hard drive?

All MDPcloud plans have possibility to back up external hard drives included for data backup. In order to include an external hard drive, it has to be attached to the computer via a USB connection and formatted in NTFS, HF+, or FAT32. You can back up any number of external hard drives if there is enough storage space on your cloud. But you can also add additional storage space any time you need it.

Can MDPcloud back up my NAS device?

You can manually add NAS devices to backup offered by BusinessPremier plan. The procedure is simple your account administrator should right-click on the NAS device and select the option Back this up. Once the device is included, any data located on it will be automatically backed up. Note: This feature is only available with Windows version of MDPcloud and is accessible through an Administrator Account.

Can I back up my servers with MDPcloud?

MDPcloud BusinessPremier for business allows backup of servers running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012. You can back up any number of servers if there is enough storage space. you can also add additional storage space any time you need it.

However, MDPcloud plans for personal use do not allow server backup. If you want to back up your server, you'll have to upgrade to BusinessPremier plan.

Note: MDPcloud BusinessPremier allows you to back up your local backup file of Microsoft SQL and Exchange, but it doesn't allow backup of programs themselves. For more information regarding your SQL or Exchange backup, please visit our knowledge base: Exchange FAQs, SQL FAQs.

Is MDPcloud really secure?

It is! We know that the success of your businesss greatly depends on your data. Therefore it is our utmost priority to keep your data safe. Before being transmitted to our data center your files and documents are encrypted with the same encryption method that is used in e-commerce transactions and online banking. The data remains encrypted while stored on our servers that are guarded 24/7. Learn more about our data safety policy.

Are MDPcloud data centers subject to regular security and access control audits (formerly known as a "SAS 70" audit)?

Of course. According to MDPcloud requirements, each data center undergoes an independent security and access procedure audit. Such audits are performed by independent CPA companies with accordance to internationally recognized procedures provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. These audits, formerly called "SAS 70", assure whether each data center has a system of controls that is properly designed and operates effectively. Our backup systems are hosted in top-tier third party data centers. These are specialized facilities designed especially for computer hardware hosting; their redundancy and security levels are very high.

Does it take long to get started?

It barely takes 10 minutes to have MDPcloud set up for your company, plus another 5 minutes for your employees to start using backup. Let's break it down.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for MDPcloud trial. Since we don't require your credit card details, there's no need to cancel if you decide that MDPcloud doesn't suit you.

After signing up, you'll need only a few more minutes to invite your employees to join company's account through a user-friendly administrative dashboard.

MDPcloud will send each specified user an email containing a link and instructions on how to install MDPcloud on their PCs. Installation process barely takes 5 minutes. Besides, it does not require the users to restart computers or stop working.

And that's all! MDPcloud will instantly start the back-up process in the background.

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