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"A fire broke out at our house and completely demolished it. I keep telling all my friends and neighbors, 'Make sure you always have backed up data'. I can't even think what would've happened if I haven't backed up all those files and pictures... I recommend MDPcloud."

-Madeleine M., Switzerland



"Those thieves who kept my stolen computer didn't even know that MDPcloud was backing up their personal files and photos. I was able to restore these files online and give them to police. I've got back my stolen computer all thanks to MDPcloud."

-Raymond M., Indiana



"We've only just begun our cross-country move, when a wheel bearing on our trailer caught fire. Everything we owned was destroyed. I lost everything my computer and all the information on it, as well as backups. I've learned my lesson and I'll never store my computer and backed up files in the same place."

-Ian C., Hampshire



"I've spent a lot of time working on this genealogy project. It would be a tragedy to lose it all. MDPcloud keeps all my files, including genealogy, photos and music safe."

-Keith Roberts, UK



"Once someone broke into my house. They smashed the window, got inside and took my two Macs and most of my external devices. I had everything on those computers my photos, writings, movie and music collection from iTunes and much more. Computers can be replaced, but personal files, unfortunately, cannot. Luckily, everything was backed up by MDPcloud and I got the files back.

-Tom K., New Jersey



"We use MDPcloud to back up all our computers. This service is very affordable... I also appreciate the peace of mind it gives me."

-Dave R., Norway



"I was unlucky enough to experience 3 computer crashes. I've lost a lot of files, treasured photos and programmes. It also cost me a lot of time to try to recover my files. I was particularly distressed when the second crash cost me my correspondence with my dad who's passed away. MDPcloud offered such a straight forward backup system that it is really easy to deal with any computer crashes. Of course, correspondence with my dear family is irreplaceable, but with MDPcloud I'm no longer afraid of permanently losing important information."

-Damian G, Scotland



"I am a student at DePauw University. I always take down notes on my laptop. But a week before final exams my computer crashed. It was truly the worst time of my life. I couldn't ask my classmates or professors for an entire semester's worth of course notes. I also had no time to rewrite the term paper I'd almost finished. Lucky for me, I had MDPcloud Home Free. Later that same day I recovered all my course notes and other files. Thanks to MDPcloud I didn't fail that semester."

-Berth Latzer, France



"Once I thought I should back up all my daughter's files. Three days later the computer crashed. I can't trust on my hunch to regularly back up files, so I chose MDPcloud. Now there is no need to think about backups."

-Benjamin, Germany


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