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Why only use the same cloud software as everyone else?

Security Leadership In The Cloud

MDPcloud, with large technical engineering teams, significantly upgraded the security of information in our company, especially compared to previous internal systems.

Our utmost priority is to protect your corporate data. We invest substantial amount of time and resources to increase the security and resiliency of our software, data centers and, of course, the entire business operation. You can feel secure to trust your data to MDPcloud.

Single Sign-on

MDPcloud can be smoothly integrated with one of the leading single sign-on (SSO) providers: Ping Identity, Citrix, Intel, VMware, Okta, OneLogin, Symplified and others. Active Directory/LDAP integration to improve your current user management systems.

SAML 2.0 and ADFS 2 support for streamlined integrations with cloud SSO providers.

Multi-factor authentication support through the above mentioned SSO providers and other third parties.

Account Settings and Global Controls

Administrators control account setting of all MDPcloud users. They can quickly and easily allocate privileges and permissions for the entire company, an individual department or several users. Configure policies regarding password strength and ability to reset, session period and failed logins.

Grant permissions to access, edit, view, download and share documents.

Protect confidential information with passwords and choose expiration dates for file access.

Comprehensive Reporting and Audit

MDPcloud offers unique reporting capabilities and comprehensive audit trails for almost every action performed within MDPcloud. Administrators can easily track sharing activity, account actions, document life cycles, etc. Track user name, IP address, date/time, and email address for all activities.

Generate comprehensive reports and sort them by date range, group, file or user.

Know about potential security hazards from predefined reports.

Superior Data Encryption

MDPcloud encrypts data during transition to and from the MDPcloud cloud, as well as during storage in our servers with best practices of the industry and latest technology. Encryption during transfer with 256-bit SSL and during storage with 256-bit AES.

Content Delivery Networks for the optimization of data transfer and an extra encryption cycle.

Encryption keys are separately stored and regularly rotated for increased security.

Thorough Network Protection

We constantly monitor our network and perform regular threat assessments - everything to ensure your data is secure. Routing redundancy and high-performance connectivity is ensured by multiple Internet backbone connections. Servers are protected by robust firewalls that selectively allow access to network resources.

System and validation are ensured by external penetration testing.

Network traffic is monitored by Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

Secure and Available Data Center

MDPcloud hosts its data and applications in several data centers. It provides fundamental redundancy. All our data centers are guarded, have secure vaults and cages, and we apply strict access policies. MDPcloud has received an SSAE 16 Type II report, and data centers have biometric entry authentication and 24/7 protection by armed guards.

Guaranteed N+1 or greater redundancy for all components of fundamental systems.

Storage sites are protected from fire and flood and have uninterruptible power and backup systems.

Your Privacy is our Top Priority

MDPcloud takes every measure necessary to ensure the safety of your confidential information. As a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, we have ensured all administrative, physical and technical safeguards to guarantee that your company complies with HIPAA. MDPcloud has received SSAE 16 Type II report and is certified by Safe Harbor.

Easily configurable access controls and security settings.



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