Team collaboration

Sharing resources with other members of the organization is very important. It doesn't matter, you share calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and emails. e-mail folders, event and conference hall occupancy plans - a real team collaboration server ed

2.99 Eur/month.
Kontaktu kalendorius

Contacts, calendars, etc. sharing

SmarterMail is a powerful Windows team collaboration server designed to help businesses connect with customers, employees and partners using today's most popular desktop and mobile email services. mail client programs.

Increase productivity with pro-level collaboration features like shared email. mail folders and shared contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes are features most people associate with more expensive mail servers like Microsoft Exchange.

Kalendoriai ir planavimas

Calendars and scheduling

Users have access to powerful calendar features that make it easy to stay in touch with business and personal contacts using their favorite desktop, mobile client or SmarterMail web mail interface. These features include the following:

  • choosing the default calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly or all appointments);
  • display of task start and end/deadline dates;
  • indication of working hours;
  • creating rules to automatically clean up old calendar entries;
  • a free/busy scheduler with participant availability;
  • managing/creating recurring events;
  • many more required features.
Konferenciju sales

Conference hall schedule

Easily schedule an event meeting with the people you need. A conference or meeting room can be selected during the invitation process, and if the meeting is not confirmed with one or more invitees, this is clearly communicated so that another venue or date can be selected.

Vartotoju grupes

User groups

User groups grant permissions to specific subsets of users in a domain, then those groups can be used to access shared resources. For example, if a company wants members of the sales department to easily share their calendars with other team members, a domain administrator would create a user group for all employees in the sales department.

Organizaciniai kalendoriai

Organizational calendars

Whether it's a PTO calendar, a planning calendar, or even a company event calendar, the ability to create a calendar and share it with your co-workers always keeps everyone informed. The feature includes permission levels so you can have one or more calendar administrators while others can only view calendar events.

Kontaktu valdymas

Contact management

If you're using a global address list or your own contacts, it's important to have detailed information about each person you communicate with. Contact lists can even be shared with other members of the organization and synced with mobile and desktop apps when needed.