Spam protection

Structured, multi-layered spam prevention is included for free. Administrators can customize their level of anti-spam protection using a variety of industry-standard methods, including graylist, SPF, DKIM, RBL, URIBL, black/white list

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The purpose of spam protection is to save time and protect the data and assets of the company, its customers and employees from the flow of unwanted or potentially dangerous emails. According to statistics, at least 45% of e-mails in the world are spam (according to US News). Since even 94% of malicious programs ( malware ) reach their victims via e-mail. mail, SmarterMail spam protection is a very important cyber security tool. It filters out malicious and promotional, irrelevant messages, often preventing fraud attempts, malware distribution and other cyber threats.

By implementing SmarterMail solution from MDPCLOUD, system administrators can ensure security, protect sensitive data and increase overall productivity in enterprises. Cybercriminals often use social engineering and various deception methods specifically in electronic communication channels, so secure e-mail. mail is of maximum importance to the company.

This service reduces the risk of becoming a victim of online scams and increases the number of e-mails. efficiency of mail communication. If hackers or criminals get into the system, they can use malware and ransomware -type software to paralyze the company's operations, steal data, damage reputation, and customers. Spam protection is almost essential for modern business!

Cyren Premium Antispam, Message Sniffer and SmarterMail solutions work together to protect an organization's network from spam. Such protection can be useful not only for the protection of data or company assets, but also for compliance with security regulations and standards.

Now the aforementioned phishing attacks pose a great danger. During them, cybercriminals send fake emails, fraudulent links or infected files. Opening a link in a letter, downloading a file or entering data in a link can all be stolen. Fraudsters usually target financial data, customer information, trade secrets and more. It is best that such messages are immediately filtered and sent to the spam folder or immediately recognized and deleted. This will protect your company's assets and employees from costly mistakes in a preventive way.

The second big advantage that is worth mentioning along with data protection is the order in employees' e-mail boxes. In the past, before spam detection tools existed or were very primitive, employees had to spend a lot of time removing such emails and selecting relevant messages. Now with Cyren Premium Antispam, Message Sniffer and SmarterMail solutions, spam protection saves time and allows professionals to focus on the most important tasks.

Well, there are other important benefits that a business receives by enabling spam protection :

  • Prevents the spread of malicious software (malware).
    • Sometimes it is enough for just one member of your organization to believe in scammers' traps and put the whole organization at risk;
    • Once inside the internal system, criminals can target managers, distribute malicious programs to partners' and clients' systems.
  • The efficiency of servers and network is increased (because the load caused by spam letters is reduced);
  • Compliance with regulations and legal acts.

If an organization wants protection against spam , it would be necessary for the members of the organization to know how to recognize spam even when it slips through e-mail protections. Although hackers and their technology are improving, there are some signs that you may be dealing with spam.

Unknown or suspicious sender

You should always be alert if emails are sent by unknown senders (marked as external ). This is especially true if they claim to be from trusted organizations or financial institutions that you have no connection with.

Poor grammar, rush to action

Many spam messages may contain grammatical or spelling errors. However, today's criminals are more professional and careful, so the main signal is no longer a mistake, but an urgency to act, presenting the situation in such a way that something must be done (eg, log in via the link sent) if you want to avoid problems .

Unclear links and files are attached to the letter

The main tool used by hackers is infected files and fraudulent links. Most of the time, Message Sniffer will catch malicious email attachments, but if something slips by, don't click on links or send attachments you've received from an unknown source.

Fully personalized content

The letter addresses you as Mr. , Dear Sir , or Madam , and the content is completely generic, not personalized to you.

Please provide sensitive information

No responsible company will ask for sensitive or personal data via email. by post Avoid sharing personal information in response to suspicious requests.

SmarterMail has clear advantages over other systems, especially when we focus on spam prevention. With SmarterMail's advanced anti-spam features: pattern matching, configurable URIBLs and RBLs, Greylisting and more, organizations can significantly reduce spam traffic.

The platform's capabilities and options give administrators fine-grained control over filtering rules. Unlike standard spam filtering on most platforms, SmarterMail offers a lower error rate and higher accuracy in identifying genuine spam.

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Protection right out of the box

Using the anti-spam tools included with every SmarterMail license, email Mail administrators can quickly protect themselves from spam simply by managing it because of the following features:

  • SpamAssassin-based pattern matching;
  • preconfigure URIBL and RBL by default;
  • ability to add custom URIBL and RBL;
  • Greylisting, DMARC, DKIM and SPF;
  • integration with third-party products and services.
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Managed by the entire server or by user

System administrators can choose to lock down the server as a whole and implement a robust anti-spam policy of their own, or allow domain administrators to manage anti-spam options. If desired, domain administrators can even let their users control what they want to do with low, medium, and high spam messages.

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Additional protection

In addition to already existing e-mails Email anti-spam options available in SmarterMail can enhance anti-spam protection by using third-party products, including:

  • Cyren Premium Antispam – Their Repetitive Pattern Detection (RPD) can significantly increase the effectiveness of anti-spam while offloading CPU cycles to Cyren's servers;
  • Message Sniffer - Using collaborative learning technology, it will accurately identify spam, viruses, and other emails. Mailing malware before it reaches your inbox;
  • your solution - SmarterMail is flexible enough to fit any e-mail additional third-party products and services and even anti-spam devices could be used in the email environment.
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Custom filtering rules

By configuring the included anti-spam tools, system administrators can create alternative rules for handling a message when it is judged to be spam. Messages can have subject lines added to make them easier for users to identify, or they can be automatically filtered so they never end up in a user's inbox.