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MDPcloud offers your company powerful features for backup, sharing, and collaboration. The solution can be easily adapted to various needs - from single employee businesses to large companies. See what MDPcloud has to offer below.

Backup features

MDPcloud offers simple solution to a complicated problem. Simply install our software on your computers and it will run in the background automatically backing up all your files. No troubles, no confounding problems. Your administrator will be able to view all backed up files on all PCs. We also offer restore software for easy recovery of your files. The software is suitable for Mac and Windows-based computers.

Collaboration features

SyncPack which is included in BusinessPremier bundle is like a better version of network drive. It gives you the possibility to access the same documents on all connected computers and work on them with your colleagues. SyncPack allows you to see all modifications. This feature will make hot desking more simple. You can assign personal space to every staff member and create Team Folders - a shared space for group work.

Sharing features

MDPcloud makes file sharing easy. We will give your company an individual web portal - It is fully customizable with your information and logo. You will be able to share your files online - either publicly or privately - with several chosen persons. It is a great alternative to FTP or e-mail. Such a personal web portal will not only be a more secure way to share files, but also improve your company's image in the eyes of clients and partners.

Synchronization features

MDPcloud offers a convenient file synchronization feature. This allows your employees to use several computers, work on the go and work from home, if necessary. It is better alternative to sharing files via e-mail.

Storage features

All files stored on your MDPcloud cloud can be accessed with FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. You can set up an FTP server and use other additional features that we offer.



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