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Why only use the same cloud software as everyone else?

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We are not an enormous company that only offers backup as an additional service. Our business was established especially to provide simple and accessible backup. Many companies offer online backup services these days, but MDPcloud is superior for several reasons:

Backup is the only service we provide

Contrary to common practice in this field, we don't offer a range of different services. We only specialize in backup services, we do not spare time on anything else. Our only priority is to back up and protect your data and allow you to recover it quickly and easily.

Recovery of backed up files is fast and easy

You back up your files so you could recover them when needed. That is why we strived to create the easiest recovery process available. You can restore your files either from or from your own desktop.

Easy access to backed up data anytime and anywhere

Once you back up your files with MDPcloud, you'll be able to easily access them from any computer. All you'll have to do is log in to your MDPcloud account. We even offer free mobile applications for even easier access to your files from BlackBerry®, iPhone® or Android™ smartphone.

Unlimited backup storage space

None of the three MDPcloud plans for personal use limit the storage space for backup. You won't have to choose which files to back up and which ones to skip. Don't worry, you won't fall into the next storage tier.

Recovery process

The files are constantly prepared for on-demand recovery, therefore you won' have to wait. You can even use an automated Restore Manager. It will guide you through the recovery process. The best part is that the files appear at the same place they were located on your hard drive. And if something interrupts the recovery process, MDPcloud will remember where it stopped and continue right where you left off.

We're always there to help you

It is easy to use MDPcloud, however, if you do have some questions, we will be ready to help you. MDPcloud offers support via e-mail, phone and chat completely free of charge. We are always accessible to our clients. Feel free to contact us even if you are only using free trial. Our support team is Sweden-based.


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Elin Johansson, Customer Service
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